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This blog is dedicated to those who find themselves hiking when others are running, napping when others are hiking, and eating whenever possible. We are the back of the pack and we came for the party, and we might just stay for the medal.

Check out the latest posts below, but feel free to wander back in to the old posts as more are added in on Sunday and Wednesday. In them you’ll find sporadic wanderings through my personal thoughts, as well as experiences with trail races and the trails themselves.

Don’t be afraid to reach out and let me know what you think from your vantage point, whether you’re the rabbit at the front or another turtle chilling in the back.

Check out these posts for some fun reading.

Commit To The Script

In 1995 a movie of epically good/bad proportions was released. Mortal Kombat had become a sensation in the gaming world just a few years before, instantly capturing the hearts of young fans while repulsing their parents. If you were like me, you fell in love with the grotesque nature of the game in its twisted…

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The Rock: A Love Story in 14 Miles

When we first planned this course, it was designed to highlight the park and to give runners a chance to see how beautiful it was if they had never been there before. Being on Valentine’s Day weekend, we also centered much of the swag around that notion of love as well. In rescheduling this race…

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Cardboard Castles

I was fortunate growing up. Our little suburb was tucked out in rural nowhere, and the developer left a large chunk of wooded area in the middle to match the hundreds of acres of undeveloped woods between us and the closest interstate (I-85 represent!). With this setup, there was little reason to use the roads…

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The Parting Glass

It hurts, in so many ways. But it doesn’t change, no matter the willpower you deign to throw at it. Our bodies, our effort, our lives are on a direct path toward decay. So, what do you do now? Do you fight the dying embers of reality? Do you acquiesce to the compulsive fear of…

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How to Spend Your Reality Check

There’s an emotional cliff awaiting every runner after a major event. The cheers of the fellow runners and the setting of race day atmosphere have dissipated into your memories, leaving you with yourself; the harshest critic of your abilities you’ve ever met. Maybe you hit your goal, but did you feel as good as you…

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